KB Recovery Treatment Specialties

We specialize in the Holistic Treatment of the Chemically Dependent Addict and Alcoholic.

Holistic may be a difficult concept to understand since over the last few years the word holistic seems to have taken on so many different meanings; especially in the field of addiction treatment. For our purposes when we refer to holistic addiction treatment it is a term that takes into account and provides the client with the best of all healthcare disciplines. Holistic treatment can include anything from traditional medicine to alternative practices such as Yoga, Breath work, Meditation, and Massage Therapy. In order to provide holistic treatment, it is not necessary to provide every single holistic discipline, as long as the staff in addiction treatment provides them effectively.

This is a very special treatment approach designed to treat the whole person rather than breaking him or her down to symptoms or problems. At KB Recovery we feel that many people respond more favorably to the Body, Mind and Spirit philosophy more than traditional methods which are usually confrontational in nature.

Many people struggle with the conflict between their desire for a holistic health lifestyle and their alcohol /drug abuse. If you are looking for information for yourself or for a loved one who you feel could be helped by alternative alcohol / drug abuse treatment we hope that you will read on.

Holistic drug & alcohol treatment stay within the boundaries of the natural healing process of the body and mind. Alcohol & drug abuse can take a terrible toll both physically and mentally and KB Recovery is committed to holistic recovery in a safe and serene treatment facility far removed from the stresses and strains that continue to make drinking and using drugs an option.

Alternative Help for Alcoholism & drug addiction
Holistic is a process of breaking through the denial mechanisms and examining all behaviors that contribute to alcohol / drug abuse. This means a wide variety of therapies including one-on-one with a trained alcohol / drug counselor who is intimately familiar with the client's history. It can also include family therapy, group therapy and a wide variety of natural alcohol / drug abuse treatments including meditation, walks by the lake, Yoga, and daily support groups.

KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...It has been over a year since Shane was at your recovery house. I wanted to tell you thank you!! Shane is doing so well... [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...KB Recovery gave her the tool, loving guidance and medical care she needed to face her life and gain the inner strength... [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...Elizabeth continued to act professionally and used the situation to continue a productive dialogue with those there that were ready to deal with the realities of their addictions. [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...My sobriety this time around is entirely different. I owe my new foundation of recovery to you. It feels good to be comfortable in my own skin for the first time. [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
Thank you for saving my brother's life. I've noticed a remarkable difference in Eugene the past weeks just over the phone. He speaks of how excited he is to live a clean & sober life... [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...Elizabeth really took her time listening to me and re-assured me that I was not at fault for what had happened to me as a child and that meant the world to me. [read more]