KB Recovery Treatment Specialties

The Eating Disorder Program provides a healing place for clients with both eating disorders and chemical dependency issues. The unique treatment at KB Recovery tends to both the body and the soul. We provide the combination of structured living and intense therapy so that you are able to transition to an independent lifestyle with all the freedoms and joys that you want to enjoy in your newly found recovery.  

KB Recovery Addiction Treatment is a unique self-help program.  This program is only for those Eating Disorder patients who recognize their illness and want to get better.  At KB Recovery you will learn to normalize your relationship with food, plan and prepare your own meals and regain control of your life.  We do not lock bathrooms, measure and weigh your portions etc.  If this is what you need, please call and we will help you find a more suitable program.  We believe that recovery is possible, and that recovery requires an interdisciplinary approach. KB Recovery provides a wide variety of activities designated to help recover from specific eating disorder issues and concerns.

Eating Disorder:
  • Individual therapy
  • Creative arts therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Massage
The loving staff at KB Recovery understands that each client has personal needs. Subsequently, our Eating Disorder program is highly individualized, and is designed to address specific issues as they arise. We also introduce the 12 steps, spiritually based, self help philosophy, and accompany our clients to outside 12-step OA, AA, and other related meetings.


KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...It has been over a year since Shane was at your recovery house. I wanted to tell you thank you!! Shane is doing so well... [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...KB Recovery gave her the tool, loving guidance and medical care she needed to face her life and gain the inner strength... [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...Elizabeth continued to act professionally and used the situation to continue a productive dialogue with those there that were ready to deal with the realities of their addictions. [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...My sobriety this time around is entirely different. I owe my new foundation of recovery to you. It feels good to be comfortable in my own skin for the first time. [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
Thank you for saving my brother's life. I've noticed a remarkable difference in Eugene the past weeks just over the phone. He speaks of how excited he is to live a clean & sober life... [read more]
KB Recovery Client Testimonials
...Elizabeth really took her time listening to me and re-assured me that I was not at fault for what had happened to me as a child and that meant the world to me. [read more]